SwimPerfect Syllabus

The “learn to swim” scene in Singapore has seen a surge in paper chase for the past few years. These days, certification has a sore lacking in the focus of precise technics in the swimming skills itself. More emphasis has been placed on other water skills, such as survival and use of lifesaving equipment. Likewise, strokes are not efficient despite the fact that learners have attained higher level of certifications. These life-skills also deteriorate due to poor foundations, being seemingly evident at many pools where swimmers plough their efforts through the waters.

The “SWIM PERFECT” syllabus placed a great emphasis on swimming correct strokes with good techniques.

In order to nurture more swimmers with strong swimming foundation, we will be maintaining a focused swim syllabus, delivered in a safe and fun way!

We look forward to welcome you as a part of our wonderful swim family!

The above modules vary in duration depending on class dynamics and individual student’s speed of learning. Generally, students take one term to become “FEARLESS”. To feel “ALIVE”, they have to complete the next term. By the time they completed another 2 terms, they will be “MIGHTY” enough to breakthrough to become “CHAMPION”!

The “Champion” level will focus on building up competitive skills through exposure to various swimming competitions. With the use of sports science and advanced training techniques, our academy produces many amateur competitive swimmers for various schools in Singapore, like River Valley Primary School, Raffles Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, just to name a few.

Assessment “for” learning

Certification for our Swim-Perfect modules will be based on continuous assessment for learning vs the traditional assessment of learning! Certifications are free of charge. Students who passed continuous assessment will be awarded with a certificate of achievement. An award of Merit will be issued for students who are able to challenge themselves to achieve a higher requirement within that level, for example, completing 50m breast stroke within a stipulated timing as compared to just finishing it at own time.

Frequently asked question by parents

1.     What is assessment for learning?

It means that the assessment is “on going”, without our children even knowing it at all (deliberately not letting children know).

2.     How often are the assessment?

Since it is assessment for learning, how frequent the certification is not crucial now, but how well your child can excel in learning under the guidance of our coach is the key to what you will be looking at.

3.     What are our children being assessed on?

We have a set of achievement list given to the coaches and they’ll be assessing the children according to that. Upon achieving a satisfactory standard in that series of skill sets, coaches will inform the head office to issue the proficiency certificate.

4.     How many levels are there in the SwimPerfect syllabus?

We have altogether 16 levels of certification where all of which are free!

5.     What will they get at the end of 16 levels?

A medal will be issued to the children when they completed the entire path (all 16 levels), which comes free too! They can then move on the lifesaving path.


Despite the shift in focus, the academy will continue to provide certification in Swimsafer. However, it’ll only be done through the format of a 4 days swim camp conducted during the 4 school term breaks in the months of March, June, September and December annually. Please note that Swimsafer certification camp is chargeable.

The swimsafer syllabus remains unchanged. It will be taught intensively through the four days camp, followed by the test to be held on the 4th day. Registration will be closed by the mid of the months prior to each swim camp. Once registration is closed, new registration will not be accepted. Parents who are interested to register their children for the camp are advised to do so timely. Please note that registration for the swim camp is not compulsory.

Competitive Swimming

Junior Developmental Squad – For junior swimmers who are keen in swimming proficiently, in accordance to FINA rules. They will be given intensive stroke corrections as well as opportunities to compete at the right level so as to nurture their interest in competing at a higher level. As a prerequisite, swimmers needs to be proficient in at least 3 of the 4 competitions strokes.

Team SPX – For senior swimmers with good, strong swim foundation. Qualifying timings are required to gain entry into this prestigious squad. Depending on their swim timings, these swimmers will then be able to represent us in various club meets and later on pursue their swimming careers into national and international levels.


Knowledge and skills for water safety, lifesaving and their related activities will be provided. Coaches registered with the Singapore Lifesaving Society will guide our responsible learners towards these certifications:

  • Lifesaving 1, 2 & 3
  • Bronze Medallion & CPR Awards
  • Pool Lifeguard Awards
  • Award of Merit (AM) & Senior Resuscitation Awards
  • Bronze Cross, Silver Cross and Patrol LG Awards (Open Water)

Further information can be obtained at SLSS official website (link to: http://www.slss.org.sg/index.html)